Change DebugType in multiple C# projects.rb

To change settings of multiple C# projects is quite easy with Ruby and the Nokogiri gem. The following script will change the DebugType of all Release configurations in multiple csproj files. #encoding: utf-8 require 'Nokogiri' desc "Change the DebugType of

In my previous post I showed how to use conditional compilation symbols to switch between using statements for AutoCAD and BricsCAD. For both system the interface assemblies are referenced and copy local is set to false. In a similar case

BricsCAD form BricsSys supports the same API as AutoCAD from Autodesk. Same API but not the same interface. So how is it possible to use just one code base and support both cad systems? First create a configuration for AutoCAD

Problem BricsCAD does not show the command after loading the assembly with NETLOAD. [CommandMethod("Go")] public void Go() { MessageBox.Show("Hello world"); } Solution There is no API call in this file. At least one command has to do something with

Problem Auf einem Windows Computer kann es vorkommen, dass Jenkins nach einem Update bei dem darauf folgenden Neustart nicht mehr startet. Lösung Erst in der Windows Ereignisanzeige die Protokolleinträge für Anwendungen und System löschen und darauf den Jenkins-Dienst neu starten.