In the following example you see a WPF DataGrid with a context menu to disable the selected item. With this definition you can also click on the DataGridColumnHeader and the context menu will appear. That is a bit confusing as

Creating vector grafics to use in XAML

Scalable Vector Grafics (SVG) have a huge benefic over images and icons. As their name implies they scale depending on their size without loosing quality. You know the nice pixel images that you usually get if you scale an image.

Caliburn Micro: Force user input

I want to force the user to enter some text into a TextBox before he can do anything else. As described in my previous post the TextBox will get the focus when it becomes visible. Now I have to prevent

Caliburn Micro: Focus TextBox when View gets visible

Currently I'm using the WPF framework Caliburn Micro for my UI. With Conductors you can manage the lifecycle of views. If an item gets activated/visible I'd like to focus the TextBox to enhance the user experience. Therefor I've created

Rebuild and debug your Windows services without hassle

Creating a windows service isn't that complicated as there is a Visual Studio template and a documentation available. If you want to start and debug the service then you have to install and start the service first. On a rebuild